Friday, August 14, 2009

finish off this blog

I want to finish off this blog. Its now been a year since tx ended. I'm doing great. I'm happy. I still have some insecurities. For the most part I'm coming to terms with my fears. I'm becoming the person I thought I could be but was too sick.

I think it best to use a automobile analogy. I am the car. Maybe the liver was my transmission (very important in a car). My transmission is working great now that I finished tx and I'm still watchful over what I put in my engine. Even though the transmission is good, there are still little things to fix on the car (me). I need tires, a tune up, or a oil change. I compare that to my hormone replacement, thyroid, or my osteoporosis. Just small problems that annoying. All of these problems are reversible with time, nutrition, and exercise.Maybe medication for a time. AS time goes on and my body reverses some of these smaller problems, I gain health. I feel stronger. The strength is within me.Even those around me can tell I've become a new person. There has been a change of heart. I'm more grateful, I'm more humble.I have struggled with my health, my relationships but Ive come back full circle and now everything is better. Life seems like a wonderful gift right now.

I have financial challenges at this time, but I'm at peace and I'm happy. I know this too shall pass, so I might as well enjoy this ride. Even if the car needs a couple of minor repairs. : )


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