Friday, August 14, 2009

finish off this blog

I want to finish off this blog. Its now been a year since tx ended. I'm doing great. I'm happy. I still have some insecurities. For the most part I'm coming to terms with my fears. I'm becoming the person I thought I could be but was too sick.

I think it best to use a automobile analogy. I am the car. Maybe the liver was my transmission (very important in a car). My transmission is working great now that I finished tx and I'm still watchful over what I put in my engine. Even though the transmission is good, there are still little things to fix on the car (me). I need tires, a tune up, or a oil change. I compare that to my hormone replacement, thyroid, or my osteoporosis. Just small problems that annoying. All of these problems are reversible with time, nutrition, and exercise.Maybe medication for a time. AS time goes on and my body reverses some of these smaller problems, I gain health. I feel stronger. The strength is within me.Even those around me can tell I've become a new person. There has been a change of heart. I'm more grateful, I'm more humble.I have struggled with my health, my relationships but Ive come back full circle and now everything is better. Life seems like a wonderful gift right now.

I have financial challenges at this time, but I'm at peace and I'm happy. I know this too shall pass, so I might as well enjoy this ride. Even if the car needs a couple of minor repairs. : )

Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy fathers day

This is about a great father. You may want to have a tissue handy.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Last night had a clogged sink in kitchen. Turned on garbage disposal then I heard water backing up and splashing on floor in laundry room off kitchen. Today I tried to be my own plummer as I broke more parts as I went on. Soon the cabnet under the sink was wet and the floor was wet. My previous handyman came by to try a hand held snake that goes down the pipe. It wasn't good enough.I need a plummer with a big machine. He is so nice to come for free since I've referred him to friends and he has so many jobs now. Hard to focus on job hunting with all this going on. I did go to job preparedness seminar tonight at the Church. It was good. I'm also making tamales tomorrow. I got a call from a guy in my Church calling about helping me look for a job. Told him about the pluming. He called me back with the news he will be taking care of financial costs of plummer to fix my sink.That is so nice of them. My Church has always helped me during tough times. I prefer to be the one helping instead of the one to help. I will swallow my pride and become more humble then I've already become from tx.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Really really beginning to feel great

Last week I had vein treatment on a leg then a week later..on Tuesday had a follow up treatment to do more small veins. This time the doctor just did injections. Again it was interesting to me to see it on the ultrasound as he did it. I could see the needle going in. He was training another doctor at the time so I could understand everything. So once again I have to wear a support stocking for a week on this leg. Then I'll have two more treatments. Then the other leg. I'm happy to get this done by such a good doctor.
My son moved in a couple of days ago. I need his help with house bills. So thankful he moved in here. Just nice having him around.
I'm working on my resume and turning out quite well. I didn't know how many skills I had till I put them to paper. I had to slow down the past ten years with illness but I still have volunteer work to put on my resume. Also, I've been helping a service business this past year. I've installed software and helped him become more organized. Just writing this down has helped my self esteem. I've been feeling beat down after so many health problems with hcv and then post tx.
As I look back in my life, I know my prayers are being heard and answered. I'm constantly wanting to do The Lords will, not mine. I feel he knows all things and knows what is best for me, better then I do. As I have that desire to do as he would have me do, I feel he will help me achieve this desire. I need strength, health, clear mind, and a path. I know it will work out.
This week, I have been mowing the yard, keeping the pool clean and in working order, cleaning house, and working. I've worked at the shop. Even made 8 dozen tamales last week. Now working on my resume for job interviews. Every Sunday in Church they always circulate sign up sheets for service and I pass them by. My health has been low. This last week I signed up to take some food to the mens homeless shelter this weekend. What a good feeling, to be healthy enough to have this desire to serve others.
I'm gaining the health I need. I'm feeling better then I have in years. Eating properly has helped, plus my prayers being answered. Sometimes miracles take time, lots of time. I'm beginning to feel like a miracle. My health is not perfect, although I'm coming into the light at the end of the tunnel.
I will starting a new blog with a different title since I feel post tx is over.

Friday, May 29, 2009

vein treatment

I had a vein treatment on Tuesday. There was a bad vein that had blockage. The doctor was going to zap it with a laser light. When I got there I found out it was more then that. They put a cathader in my leg and down the vein. Then they put a laser to it and zap it. That shuts it off and it dies. Then they shot in meds that made the little ones die. He said I have plenty of good veins to take up the slack. I'm glad I had it done. I remember my mother having a blood clot in her leg. That could have happened to me. I have to do the other leg next month. Its a hassle because I have to wear a support stocking everyday for a week. I know I have it easy compared to the old days when women had to have their veins stripped out of their legs. My legs don't seem to look bad but they could see the veins with this new light that shows inside the leg. Its quite interesting.
Also found out my bones are weak. I'm now taking calcium, magnisium, and lots of D. Plus I was doing the weight bearing exercises off of youtube. I think the exercises will help the most. Your body makes stronger bones when the body knows you need it. Just like muscles. You lose bone and muscle if you don't use them.
I feel the need to challenge myself to be healthy in a year. It will be hard. Old habits are hard to change. I have heard if you do anything for thirty days its easier by then to make it a habit.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Goal for wellness

Always have a great Sunday. My favorite day of the week. The only thing I do on Sunday is go to Church. There were some good talks today by the youth speakers. I'm amazed every Sunday at these youth that get up in front of everyone to do a talk. I've only been asked a couple of times to give a talk. Public speaking is not easy for me. I've been happy that my kids learned young.
I think I'm feeling slightly better. I thought I'd be recovered by now. I think a more reasonable goal for wellness is two years post treatment. I had NO idea that I'd feel this bad after tx and reaching SVR. I was thinking about my Mom today and when she was my age. She was very healthy but she worked on it. She exercised and watched her diet. I'm glad I remember some of her routine. I'm going to start on a real exercise routine so I can measure how I progress. I'm going to start out very slow and easy

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It ended well

First of all I wrote this by accident on my other blog. sorry about that.
I had a good and terrible week. My intake valve on my pool broke (my fault) I was able to take it off and take it in to the pool store. Lucky it was savaged. Then as I was waiting for the glue to dry on the seal, (Doing the work myself)then the pump went on auto with the timer and burnt out the pool motor. So I went to the pool store and she told me how to take out the motor. I had to turn off the electricity to the pool equipment. Lots of taking apart pieces. It weighted a ton. I took it to her and got a new motor. Then I put it in. I really didn't know how handy I was with a screwdriver till now. I asked her if I was really going to save money doing the pool myself. She told me yes, that I broke everything already. Tonight I went to the new Startrek movie. I felt a bit guilt for spending the money...after all the problems with the pool. It was worth it!! It was fantastic, trektastic!! It took me back to the old days of watching startrek, only much better